Social Business Bartending IS a Bond Girl ☆007☆ Thing🍸🍷🍹🍺🥂🥃🍾


Tonight I’d like to display an eye sampling of my new talents as a professional social business #bartender and #beermaster…
I call this new take on an authentic ethnic fave meal I dished up tonight Guinness Soul Irish Stew Food.

Thanks to #Guiness #ExtraStout it had a great taste-out!

My Great Grannie Savannie would be proud! #BlackIrish #IrishSoulFood #GuinnessBeer #pouritup
#Professional Bartending #CraftCuisine #Beercraft #HeavyG

“TBA soon at TraceyBond007.com, where I’m elevating social business bartending as a mixology craft that complements community gathering, vibrant conversations and trendworthy talents for entertaining the tastes.” ~ @Tracey007Bond #THLQ

#Drinkresponsibly #EnjoyIntelligently


Tracey Bond (007) carries a Illinois Liquor License for selling and serving alcohol, in addition to being a licensed professional & certified bartender.

Bond can now be booked for special occasion private/public/corporate social business. Inquire directly at e: traceybond@traceybond007.con for booking details and addt’l info.

Follow her on Instagram at: “TraceyBond007”

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