Celeb Master Fitness Trainer & Author Solomon Pratt Shares For International Women’s Day Week on Entrepreneurship Live Show

Solomon Pratt is In The News…

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 “Ninety-five percent of my clients are women, so I have the highest level of respect for women; the women (definitely) buy my products; it makes me so happy inside when I make them better with my products, knowledge, and skills; I give them a nice male perspective on things they not have thought of in that way.” ~ Solomon Pratt 

About Solomon Pratt: Certified Trainer, Author, Life Coach, Business Man When it comes to Burning Fat and Building Muscles, Solomon Pratt, who has been a trainer for 7 years, defiantly earned the title Master Trainer. No matter where a person is in life, Solomon does not have a problem helping people achieve results. He also does not have a one size fit approach when it comes to training, and that is what sets him apart from most trainers. His love for fitness started at an early age.

Solomon is not only helping people combat mental roads blocks that are stopping them from reaching their goals, he’s also spending countless hours studying the body, and nutrition, to teach his clients the very best. Solomon Pratt is not only an incredible trainer; he is a self-published author. In 2018 he released his first book entitled, The Health and Fitness Bible. The following year he decided to create his own fitness app, and his own fitness bands to help his clients achieve results where ever they are at in the world. Through his discipline and passion for fitness is has helped hundreds of people achieve results. A trainer can be a role model, a teacher, a life coach, a therapist, and motivator. Solomon’s mission is to help more people achieve results, and he plans to achieve that by spreading the message on the importance of health and fitness.

http://SolomonsGem.com (One-on-one)
http://SolomonsFitnessWorld.com (for RESISTANCE BANDS BUNDLE BACK products)
http://SolomonsGem.Trainerize.com ( online personal training)

Connecting: Solomon Pratt is available to connect on the following social media networks as follows: Facebook (FB): Solomon Pratt + Instagram (IG): DoctorFlex04

Media Booking: Solomon Pratt is available for choice events, speaking engagements, radio, podcast, television and media opportunities, news interviews, et al. at: https://beneficience.wordpress.com/solomon-pratt/

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Onsite Video link follows: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/EntrepreneurshipLIVE/videos/3899225923475385&quot; data-type="URL" data-id="https://www.facebook.com/EntrepreneurshipLIVE/videos/3899225923475385">https://www.facebook.com/EntrepreneurshipLIVE/videos/3899225923475385</a&gt;Onsite Video link follows: https://www.facebook.com/EntrepreneurshipLIVE/videos/3899225923475385

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