Debut Author Beverly “Mama Sherman” Recording a LIVE segment Airing on July 25th 2021 on * The Dr. John Wynn Show * Sunday at 5:30 pm pst, July 25th 2021. Watch FREE on The WynnNetwork.com

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“Every Sunday night, Dr. John Wynn interviews guests who have a wealth of information on the topics of entrepreneurship, therapy, trauma bonding and more.

We would like to thank Farrah Larae Wynn, Executive Producer, President, The Dr. John Wynn Show for hosting and welcoming “Mama Sherman” onto the show.

Beneficience Prolific Personage PR is proud to announce bestselling debut sports and football memoir author, Beverly "Mama Sherman" as the upcoming guest on the Dr. John Wynn Show. Mrs. Sherman will be pre-recording a live interview episode of the Tempe, AZ based show on Sunday July 18, 2021 to officially AIR Sunday, July 25th, 2021 at 5:30pm pst. Sherman's interview will share tidbits from her Sherman family journey during the LIVE tv segment airing on The Wynn Network beginning at 5pm pst. Where To Watch? The Wynn Network, Facebook, YouTube

About Author "Mama" Sherman:
Stellar in her own personality, "Mama Sherman" is the mother of Richard Sherman: Stanford University Graduate & Super Bowl Champion Cornerback. She's co-starred in an official Campbell's Chunky Soup Momma's Boy commercial with fans of Seattle, and is the CEO-founder of Mama Sherman's Love, Caring and Sharing, a nonprofit organization. Sherman will celebrate becoming a 1st-time author, with the release of her debut book titled: "Just Love No One's Perfect, Tidbits Of The Sherman Family Journey."

About The Memoir Book and Description:
In her debut memoir, comes emerging author Beverly "Mama" Sherman, mother of National Football League (NFL) superstar, and Superbowl champion: Richard Sherman #25. Readers will be introduced to the endearing love and life values she cares so much to share. "Tidbits Of The Sherman Family Journey" are intimately written from the heart of her 'trophy womb' of prayers, dreams, and "Just Loving" people without any need for 'perfection.' This is the written legacy she's longed to leave for her multitude of family, dear friends, extended sports family, and fans; some of whom she credits with affectionately giving her the nickname to the fame she lovingly claims today as "Mama Sherman."

Follow Sherman's Amazon author page at https://www.amazon.com/Beverly-Mama-Sherman/e/B096H7CN77

Media Booking: Mama Sherman will be available for book promotional interviews, book "tidbits" as excerpt reading, and signing opportunity, podcasts, radio & television broadcasts, speaking engagements, etc. that support life topics and themes that she shares in her Amazon bestselling book memoir "Just Love No One's Perfect: Tidbits of The Sherman Family Journey," with a passion for life, faith, family, favor, and love for the football game.

EPK/MEDIA KIT: Mama Sherman's media kit of public relations updates and breaking headline news is streaming online 24/7/365 at https://atomic-temporary-97494949.wpcomstaging.com/?s=Mama+Sherman 

Show Title: The Dr. John Wynn Show
Where to Watch: The Wynn Network, Facebook& YouTube
Official TV Air Date/Time: Sunday Night, July 25th, 2021 at 5:30pm pst.

Dr. Wynn is passionate about inspiring others to understand the greatness within and achieve their dreams. In 2017, Dr. Wynn launched a video on demand platform called The Wynn Network with a desire to unite inspiration and entertainment. The platform is available for FREE download on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, iOS and Android Devices with a reach to 380 million homes worldwide. Viewers can also watch online at www.WynnNetwork.com.

Media Contact Source: Tracey Bond, Certified Publicist (Of record) for Author Beverly "Mama Sherman"
Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR Online

Interview opportunities can be requested for Mama Sherman with our exclusive online form at https://rebrand.ly/beverlymamashermaninterviews

Mama Sherman’s Debut Memoir has become a Top Amazon Bestseller & Hotseller!



email: desk@beneficience.com

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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Media Booking: Mama Sherman will be available for select media events, podcasts, radio & television broadcasts, speaking engagements, etc. that support life topics and themes that she shares in her book production, with a passion for life, faith, family, favor, and love for the football game.

Video Caption: “Beverly Sherman, mother of Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman, raises the 12th man flag in front of Backstage before the Seahawks’ 24-17 first round playoff win over the Washington Redskins. Read about the SoCal Seahawks grassroots campaign to make Mama and Richard Sherman the Chunky Soup “Mama’s Boy” family for 2014″

Youtube SOURCE: SoCalSeahawksFans

Richard Sherman is a Mama‘s Boy! Talks Defense and 10 Interceptions! – Campbell’s Chunky Soup! – Youtube video source: JR Sports Brief
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and his mom Beverly Sherman talk about Sherman being a mama’s boy, the way he is portrayed in the media and what it ‘s like to watch her son win the Super Bowl. Youtube video source is: Sports illustrated | #SINow

Richard Sherman And His Mom Interview
Watch Richard Sherman And His Mom Interview
Youtube video source: askmen on Dailymotion
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