DJ P1 Rap is Making More Moment Vibes in the Superbowl 2022 Sunday Night Headlines Tonight!

Immediate Release for my moment-making celebrity dj client @P1Rap #Phenomenal1 at P1rap.com bringing the Superbowl game and after-game vibes at #TheOaks this Sunday night until close. Read more at Moment-making Celebrity DJ P1 Rap #Phenomenal1 Brings the Superbowl Party Vibes Tonight at Glenwood Oaks

“I’m excited to be apart of the big game and big show. This has been one of the most exciting NFL seasons in my recent memory, and I plan to bring that same energy to my set this Sunday night! ~ P1 Rap | #Phenomenal1, Chicago’s Moment-Making Celeb DJ [P1Rap.com}

By: Beneficience.com Legacy PR

Superbowl Sunday at The Oak feat’g Celeb DJ P1Rap

CHICAGO – Feb. 13, 2022 – PRLog — “The big game meets the big show at Glenwood Oaks this Sunday night. It’s sure to be a great party when the Southwest suburbs biggest Superbowl party meets the “We Sing Wednesdays Karaoke” crew! Watch the game on over twenty (20) screens while being entertained by DJ P1 rap. There’s a game day buffet, and plenty of drink specials. Immediately following the game the entertainment festivities will continue, as we sing until close!

Ticketing information is as follows at https://glenwoodoaks.eventbrite.com/

About P1Rap: An experienced and accomplished DJ, P1 brings a deep love of music, infectious energy, and an intense client focus to every event. P1 has a unique ability to tap into and enhance the energy in any room. He credits his start as a host/emcee for this skill.

His deep crates and knowledge and hunger for music new and old will ensure that he is able to keep entertaining crowds every time he is behind the tables.

His Performance Catalogue Genres include Hip-hop, R&B, Top 40, Reggaetón, Bachata, other various Latin styles, Pop, Dance, House, Reggae, Afrobeats, Dusties, Steppers, And more, able to learn almost any style of music very quickly.

Website: https://www.P1Rap.com

Media Booking available at: https://beneficience.wordpress.com/dj-p1rap

Dj P1 Rap will be available for select media events, podcasts, radio & television broadcasts, speaking engagements, etc.

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