About Last Night at #WESINGWEDNESDAYS Karaoke with Chicagoland Celeb DJ P making a half-million headline impressions and growing popular in news media!

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Chicago’s Traveling DJ P1 Managing WE SING WEDNESDAYS KARAOKE with Momentum and Meaning at Glenwood Oaks in Glenwood, IL

Starting at 8:00pm come on out to Glenwood Oaks at 106 Main St., Glenwood, IL.
Visit P1Rap.com for DJ P1’s 2022 Music Entertainment and Performance itinerary

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Dj P1 Music We Sing Wednesdays Karaoke Glenwood IL

Dj P1 Music We Sing Wednesdays Karaoke Glenwood ILCHICAGO – Jan. 19, 2022 – PRLog — “I’m so, so grateful for being a dj., being able to play music that people connect to memories…connect to experiences in their life, connect to other and people in their lives; and just have a good time, to vibe to, party, wild out, act a fool…whatever the music makes you do. Reminiscing, pull somebody’s clothes, kiss somebody, hug somebody, hi-five somebody; whatever the music makes you do, I’m just grateful to be in this position. Its a very, very humbling thing. I know I’m good at it, y’know…I know that I’m good at it – like I have all the confidence in the world that I’m one of the best dj’s that you’ll ever hear.

It’s also still humbling every time I see people make connections on the dance floor. ..just bob your head or tap your foot, nod your head or whatever you do to the music its appreciated, and I don’t take any second for granted. I’mma just continue to evolve and I’mma continue to study music, old music, new music, whatever it is just to make sure that I connect, and make sure that all of these experiences that you have when you party with me relevant. That’s all I care about you know…honest, at the end of the day whatever time and place we meet and cross paths, I want that to be a meaningful moment.

Like I had people tonight, that partied with me yesterday; and I made a moment yesterday, but today was a different moment. We played different music we had different tunes, we had a couple of the same tunes, but it was a different moment; so I want it to be remembered differently, and I want it to be held in a different regard than yesterday’s moment. Every time I play that’s my aim as a dj, to make that particular moment, memorable. You know so you may hear the songs similar or the vibe similar, but the memories and the moments will never be the same, they’re only here once, and I’mma play like that so; I  appreciate y’all for rockin’ with me every time y’all give me the opportunity to keep making these moments, and I’mma keep makin’ these moments. DJ P1, I’ll see y’all in the next minute. Peace.”

About P1Rap: An experienced and accomplished DJ, P1 brings a deep love of music, infectious energy, and an intense client focus to every event. P1 has a unique ability to tap into and enhance the energy in any room. He credits his start as a host/emcee for this skill.
His deep crates and knowledge and hunger for music new and old will ensure that he is able to keep entertaining crowds every time he is behind the tables.

His Performance Catalogue Genres include Hip-hop, R&B, Top 40, Reggaetón, Bachata, other various Latin styles, Pop, Dance, House, Reggae, Afrobeats, Dusties, Steppers, And more, able to learn almost any style of music very quickly.

Website: https://www.P1Rap.com

Media Booking available at:https://atomic-temporary-97494949.wpcomstaging.com/dj-p1rap
Dj P1 Rap will be available for select media events, podcasts, radio & television broadcasts, speaking engagements, etc. that support his entertainment culture, and activity he will “trend” to share on multimedia platforms online to offline.

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