Summer Solstice 9-Day Countdown Celebration Kicksoff with DM Simpson This Sunday in Timberlake, NC

Trending News Reminder: DM Simpson is Ready to Sign this Sunday at Homestead Steakhouse, in Timberlake, NC. Make it a thrilling/fantasy date!

“I’m very enthusiastic about this upcoming event; with local businesses (like Homestead Steakhouse) supporting local businesses like mine, makes me happy and gives me encouragement!”

DM Simpson, authorpreneur and “Queen of Fantasy Enigmatic Story

Beneficience.com Legacy PR

Celebrating Summer Solstice, Author DM Simpson: Queen of Fantasy Enigmatic Story is Signing Fantasy & Thriller Books at Homestead Steakhouse June 12th, 2022

Come out to meet and greet DM Simpson, the Queen of Fantasy Enigmatic Story at the new Homestead Steakhouse from 1pm to 4pm ET at 205 Frank Timberlake Rd, in Timberlake, NC 27583. Get a signed copy of all her fantasy and mystery thriller books.

As an author I am honored to be getting out into my community and being shown great support from other local businesses, Thank you Homestead Steakhouse.

~ DM Simpson, Queen of Fantasy Enigmatic Story

Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™
Certified Publicist of Record for DM Simpson
Beneficience.com Legacy PR


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