Maurice Mahon, New Face Of Soul invites you (LivingRoomParties) to join him from 8p-1 for The BARACK Celebration at Blu 26 Tonight!

January 20, 2017 // 1 Comment

"It can't just end, we are ambassadors, we have been appointed to pass the torch of those great messages and the meaning that he has beyond his presidency...its not a color thing, lets not misinterpret...we're more alike than different, all over the world, we have the same issues and things that affect us. When you're up to bat, don't worry about the ball the pitcher's pitchin' you, look where you want to take that ball...where YOU want to take it." -Maurice Mahon,an artist dedicated to the preservation of Soul, R&B, Blues, and Jazz music. He has an international platform and is an unmatched talent." - Maurice Mahon [...]