Share your voice in a POWERful way in our 3rd Annual Hosted People’s State Of The Union #PSOTU2018 Story Circle Hour USDAC online February 3rd, 2018

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Join us via online radio on February 3rd, 2018 to share your voice in our 3rd annual hosted #PSOTU2018 Story Circle together with the @USDAC: "Friends, Democracy is a conversation, not a monologue! We are proud to once again host our 3rd annual #PSOTU2018 Story Circle. Won't you check out this annual civic ritual & participatory art project —and join me in taking part?" Last year we made worldwide news history with our action. Help us help you keep our story voices before the media-attentive world together...they that always matters!" ~ Tracey Bond, AW Publicist, Beneficience.com Virtual & Prolific Personage PR [...]

Award Winning Paranormal Romance Author Eva J Brock says…


Award Winning Paranormal Romance Author Eva J Brock says... " I used to write all night when it was quiet . . . but now,  I've conditioned myself to drown out noise. If  I don't tell these stories, God  will use  somebody else to do it." ~ Eva J. Brock (Pen Name #EJBROCK)  [...]