Breaking Book News: The New Year Resolution book for Entrepreneurs “Out With The Old TREND INTO YOUR NEW” by Tracey Bond is now available at Barnes and Noble + Nook

January 30, 2018 // 0 Comments

"I am excited that my new year short- read publication "Out With The Old TREND INTO YOUR NEW" is available to order in paperback at Barnes and Noble bookstores online and in eBook editions for the Nook eReader device. As one of Linked In Pro Finders PR Consulting Best, I trust that readers may find the content serves them well as a short-read consultation for pr communication transformation. The Star reviews that are posting by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, will help readers move quicker to the buy button. I am learning more each week about the value my readers are sharing; that is a major key to building a meaningful book business relationship together." ~ Tracey Bond (@Tracey007Bond) [...]


November 10, 2016 // 1 Comment

Learn what our Beneficience.com Author Book Celebrity Plans Offer You + Your Target Reader Audience, New Reader Fans, The Media, The Press and The Public with a new author client consultation booked now through November 15th, 2016 to enjoy up to 40% off current plan rates!* *Offer good for clients who sign up for Beneficience.com plans today November 10th, 2016 through November 15th, 2016 as appointments are available on the consultation schedule! [...]

Beneficience PR of Beverly Hills is proud to announce: Le Cordon Bleu Sous Chef Pamela Ward Debuts Cookbook + Tour “Three Generations of Cooking With Sole”

December 6, 2015 // 0 Comments

“…In this book are very simple flavorful meals geared to the beginner chef ages 10 and up. I want to introduce those who don’t know how to cook at any age how to create A MEAL THAT’S NOT ONLY PLEASING TO THE EYE BUT THE PALATE. “To drive this simplicity home with recipe users, I included my 14-year old daughter’s recipe “Brianna Cheesy Biscuits the you can find on page twelve.” The greatest feature of the book is: the legacy I am passing down of the generational recipe-shares and most of full-color candid + professional photo illustrations including side-by-side photos of each of the preparation steps from start to finish. My favorite recipe in the cookbook is “my grandma’s rice pudding found on page thirteen.” [...]