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“A real #bondgirl wears so many skill hats…costumes are more like casual chic code! – @Tracey007Bond #HalloGov’nor

October 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

A real #bondgirl wears so many skill hats...costumes are more like casual chic code! - @Tracey007Bond #HalloGov'nor PR director: Superhero ~ "PR pros wear many hats, but one they don often is the crisis manager. Q: Who do you turn to when your brand or your client’s brand is in crisis? There is only one true hero who can turn this unfavorable press around and ensure your client’s name is not tarnished. PR pros are everyday superheroes." - Alli WIlliams #PRDaily [...]

Breaking News Tonight: Beneficience PR Publicist Tracey Bond, to Receive Hollywood Friendship Award at Eugene Sidney’s Annual Pre New Years Eve Soiree

December 27, 2015 // 0 Comments

Tracey Bond shares in response: "Eugene...I am humbled at your #FriendshipAward honor. I have surely made more acquaintances in social business industry than I do friends. I am proud to know you sir, I am more privileged to represent you and your business. You already know when you need that super agent that can get it done with excellence, call your #BondGirl and like you say friend: "You can have that ready in about 5 minutes, right? smile emoticon Thank you kindly! God richest blessings in all you do!"~ Tracey (Ohh-Seven) Bond [...]

Inside Out with Traci S. Campbell Tune in Here for Tonight’s Podcast!

November 17, 2015 // 0 Comments

“In The Spotlight” segment: Dr. Maurice A. Lee Traci interviews author, Dr. Maurice A. Lee (http://www.mauricealee.net). Dr. Lee is a pharmacist, author, and the founder of the Maurice A. Lee Scholarship Fund that has been helping deserving young people obtain monies to go to college for the last 10 years. Tune in as Dr. Lee discusses his own personal battles and challenges as he pursued his own education as well as overcoming a tragic childhood event. These life changing events lead to his authoring his amazing new book, "Life Experiences" (available on Amazon) [...]