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Celebrity Executive Chef Kirk Boudreaux, Sr. Activates His Culinary Brand Presence For The Digital Economy Era

December 16, 2020 // 0 Comments

Celebrity Executive Chef Kirk Boudreaux, Sr. of Boudreaux's Catering announces the official activation of his professional culinary brand with increased social media presence. Due to a growing demand for Chef's entertaining + tasty content, professional catering services, and catering events. Boudreaux offers social media content engagement to provide enhanced and fee-based access to client prospects who are seeking private catering booking consults, training, and published content. https://rebrand.ly/chefboudreaux [...]

Celebrity Executive Chef Kirk Boudreaux, Sr. Personally Delivers Cookbook Recipes For a Week Of Tasty Tests in Chicago and Oak Park, IL

November 16, 2020 // 0 Comments

"Although I didn't get a chance to actually...y'know to shake their hands and sit down for awhile; it was a privilege to me to have them even want to taste my food. After they received the food and tasted it and gave me feedback on it; it really made me feel, that I did my job as a chef and they really appreciated it; and I just felt like it was an awesome moment for me." ~ Celebrity Executive Chef Boudreaux, Sr. at Boudreaux's Catering [...]

Beneficience PR of Beverly Hills is proud to announce: Le Cordon Bleu Sous Chef Pamela Ward Debuts Cookbook + Tour “Three Generations of Cooking With Sole”

December 6, 2015 // 0 Comments

“…In this book are very simple flavorful meals geared to the beginner chef ages 10 and up. I want to introduce those who don’t know how to cook at any age how to create A MEAL THAT’S NOT ONLY PLEASING TO THE EYE BUT THE PALATE. “To drive this simplicity home with recipe users, I included my 14-year old daughter’s recipe “Brianna Cheesy Biscuits the you can find on page twelve.” The greatest feature of the book is: the legacy I am passing down of the generational recipe-shares and most of full-color candid + professional photo illustrations including side-by-side photos of each of the preparation steps from start to finish. My favorite recipe in the cookbook is “my grandma’s rice pudding found on page thirteen.” [...]