Q: Didn’t you know that? On this day in

Q: Didn’t you know that? On this day in 1851, the first issue of The New York Times was published in New York City. Politician and journalist Henry
Jarvis Raymond served as both owner and editor of the paper,
competing with other publications of the time such as The
Tribune and The Herald.

The paper, initially referred to as The
New York Daily Times, served as a temperate and measured outlet,
seldom using impassioned language. “There are few things in this
world which it is worthwhile to get angry about; and they are
just the things anger will not improve,” Raymond said. The first
issue featured stories outlining news from Europe, local
occurrences within the city, and presidential news.

Since its inception, the Times has been acclaimed for its coverage of
major historical events, such as its role in publication of The
Pentagon Papers highlighting the U.S.’s involvement in the
Vietnam War.

Today, the paper holds 117 Pulitzer Prizes for its
achievements in newspaper and online journalism.
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