MEDIA ALERT: Coming Soon from our BENEFICIENCE PR Film Director Client: Mark E. Ridley…on his new film: STOLEN BREATH…


Mark E. Ridley (@MarkERidley) Film Director and Producer: STOLEN BREATH...Coming Soon

Mark E. Ridley
Film Director and Producer:

MEDIA ALERT: Coming Soon from our BENEFICIENCE PR Film Director Client Mark E. Ridley: “At last…We are excited to introduce our staring cast of “Stolen Breath The Truth Revealed” The Davis Family. Visit http://ow.ly/T8Ngg

…Plus a litttle about their character + Information on the writer & director. Phillip Cates plays young Albert Davis…his role you will never forget!

Mark Ridley plays the strong willed but loving Robert Davis…father & husband…
Rhonda Morman plays Yolanda Davis ,wife and mother to her boys to help guide this loving family to all good. But does she? Her role is so amazing you will be leaning forward, eyes never off. Jerrel ‘O Neal..plays Ronnie Davis.. son and older brother – good kid heading for college. The power of his character will change all thoughts of what you thought you know about living and life…

Ride with us on this amazing ride as we put this film together. Something about the writer and director Mark Ridley… He also is an actor guest staring in tv shows as Ray Donavon , Big time Rush, HBO”s Dads, and loads of film .His award wining short film “stolen Breath” was the path for this powerful film being done. He has just wrapped filming of”‘ Black Enough” heading to Sundance we pray & set to film Hard Requitals…He is also the Director of a powerful new web series “Hope Matters ” + ” Because we’re Thespians” coming fall 2015.

He is cast in three award web shows: The hot award-winning “What Men Want” Almost Thirty” + “The Mind of a Single Man; as well as the highly talked about and award winning film” Davis’s Reverie” – is touring the world where he stars with Brandon Fobbs. After completion of this film, he will be filming his horror suspense film, and a love story…

Thank you for all your continued support at Go Fund Me….see you at the movies.”
Media and PR Contact: Tracey Bond *007* Beneficience Prolific #Personage #PR AGENT of Beverly Hills | Hollywood | Chicago | London (UK)

e: MarkRidleyPR@beneficiencepublicrelaitons.com http://ow.ly/T8Ngg http://ow.ly/i/dywZh http://ow.ly/i/dyx0j

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