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Media Desk: Meet & share in her deep mental incidentals of Beneficience #PR Client: @PaigeGillian #model #actress #singer and #songwriter | IG: PaigeGillian.com | BeneficiencePublicRelations.com

The Finisher! “The Last shall finish first.”
…In our everyday routine it is easy to be in-wrapped to a point where we become numb…this is dangerous because as we allow ourselves to be influenced by people & things that will keep us from handling our business. I want the full focus of this message to be the importance of being faithful. An example of faithfulness is being convinced that whatever you are invested in will yield results or bear fruit.

With a clear goal of accomplishing what ever tasks you’ve set forth upon. In life anybody can start a task, but can you finish? It is a skill and is clear sign of a disipline to commit to a task and FINISH IT. To NOT FINISH on the contrary is irresponsible and frankly immature. I’ve missed some GREAT opportunities by NOT being committed and FINISHING. I used to love the rewards but was not doing the work necessary to recieve. I became numb…Moral of the story: one day we are going to have to give an account for what we accomplish and what we don’t.

Q: Will you walk away from this experience (Life) knowing you were used by The Lord to shift lives or the one who never stepped up? In order to do these things we must accept the challenge of pushing the envelope. A lot of people settle for less, but STOP BARGAINING. The best is reserved for those who cross the finish line!! Remain confident, the extra time, resources, & etc. you put in will have something to show for it. If it helps I struggled staying awake to get this message written around 5 am, but I am a finisher!!!

Annnnddd Remember!!!
Faithfulness= Commitment, Fruitfulness, Displine, & REWARDS!!!
Numb= Convenience, Immaturity, Irresponbility, DELAYED/HALTED PROGRESS
– Paige Gillian | PaigeGillian.com http://ow.ly/i/dHYDj

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