Neena Richies: On her power-filled world tour…someone ahhmazing you want to know…

Someone the world needs to know...our Beneficience.com #PR client Ms. Neena Richies
Someone the world needs to know...our Beneficience.com #PR client Ms. Neena Richies

Someone the world needs to know…our Beneficience.com #PR client Ms. Neena Richies

Neena Richie – UK & Bollywood Actress, Model and Hollywood New Comer.

Neena Richie has been in entertainment for over 11 years, is a skilled and qualified actress, model and presenter, and has traveled the world extensively. Cities on her world tour including the flashing lights of Las Vegas, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Cannes, The booming Dubai, breathtaking India and the Big Apple, to name a few.

Not to forget Bollywood central, Mumbai, where BBC World News interviewed this rising superstar some years ago. She has starred in such films as “Unwanted Bride” and “White Noise”, as well as playing supporting roles in several other films in India and the UK.

She came second in UK championships in Dancing in 2005. Neena has done a variety of interviews with several magazines and television shows in London, Mumbai and NY, as well as interviewing other celebrities and hosting at awards shows and lending her voice to programs in voice-over work.

Neena Richie is a former graduate from the Royal Academy of Art in London (RADA) where she learned her skills as a Shakespearean actress. Richie has 3 Flags: UK because she grew up in Sussex. Kenya because her parents grew up in Kisumu, Kenya and India because her parent were Born in Gujarat, India. Through her travels and extensive network of colleagues has built a worldwide network that has key location in Asia/Pacific, North American and Western Europe. These key locations enable Ms. Richie to operate on a global scale. Associations with hard hitting politicians, the elite entrepreneurs of the world and big names within the world of showbiz, Ms. Richie has done it all. Neena’s main focus is making a positive change to young and rising talents.


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