Made this late Sunday night discovery at my newest Beneficience Star PR Client: @RaeLuskin ‘s book page #THECREATIVEACTIVIST


Made this late Sunday night discovery at my newest celebrity #prCLient @RaeLuskin ‘s book page #THECREATIVEACTIVIST

“…Creative action steps to make an impact at home, in the office, your community & the world!”

Hurry! You’ve less than a half-hour if you’re clocking in at U.S. Central Time!

Rae says: “…its great for thought provoking for college students, fantastic gift for your group or school, and for giving to friends who are involved with non-profits.” 🙂


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Beneficience PR Announces & Welcomes PR STAR Celebrity Client Rae LuskinRae Asks: “…if you weren’t afraid what would you do?”

#RaeLuskin #Author #Activist #Artist #Speaker #Coach |

#EngagingSpeakers #NWCASA #TheWinningAdventure | @BENEFICIENCE #PR

http://ow.ly/i/fniOU http://ow.ly/i/fniPG

Lets chat about the Who's Who That's YOU https://beneficiencepr.checkappointments.com

Lets chat about the Who’s Who That’s YOU https://beneficiencepr.checkappointments.com

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