^07 My Beneficience PR Client Organization Engaging Speakers is #2 in Int’l US Press Agency BUSINESS News! Congrats Engaging Speakers!!!

Click Here for The Int’l Business News Story ^07


Beneficience PR Client:

Engaging Speakers Holiday Event

is #2 Intl Business News! Hooray

Engaging Speakers
Engaging Speakers is a powerful networking organization that offers an opportunity for experts to transform their love and passion into a message that best serves the needs of the world. We provide members with a unique opportunity to build strong relationships, in a safe and supportive environment, that assists them in growing a successful business through meetings, mentoring, website and marketing. We serve as a resource for meeting planners to find gifted speakers to educate and entertain their audiences.

Engaging Speakers


Congrats Engaging Speakers

(EngagingSpeakers.com) @EngagingSpeak! 



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