Visit BIBOAWARDS all-new Beauty In / Beauty Out Tour 2016 Website and SUBSCRIBE!

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Visit BIBOAWARDS all-new Beauty In / Beauty Out Tour 2016 Website

“Yes…we have done some house cleaning and re-arranging of things! The end result is a powerful and great new website that not only brings you updates on issues affecting women and their families (leadership, society, wellness, motivation), but there are videos and pictures and up-to -date BIBO event information as well. “-Traci S. Campbell, BIBO Creator, Founder & Producer | @biboawards, @traciscampbell


Beauty [byōōtee] a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

A wise woman once wrote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” That is what we believe at BIBO.

We don’t believe any woman should be defined by her looks, her shape, her age, the color of her skin…hair…eyes. At BIBO, we refuse to accept that the beauty of a woman depends on her neighborhood, her income, her education…or even her marriage.

At BIBO, we find beautiful women everywhere we look. We search for those qualities of beauty that change—for the better—the negative, unrealistic and frequently offensive images of women held up as examples in our community today. Through BIBO, we spend our days focusing on promoting, recognizing and celebrating the true beauty of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins, nieces, friends: women everywhere who are powerful role models for this generation, the next generation—and generations to come.

At BIBO, we celebrate and honor the life-changing and life-affirming contributions and success of beautiful women everywhere. From the boardroom to the stoop, from the start-ups of Silicon Valley to the farms of the Midwest, from the halls of Congress and the Supreme Court to school corridors and classrooms, from hospitals and colleges to hotels and restaurants, from homes to community centers—beautiful women make a profound difference every single day.

At BIBO, we’re focused on true beauty. That unique combination of qualities which makes a woman a role model to lift-up and salute. Beauty In/Beauty Out. That’s what we’re about.

“Redefine AND Celebrate YOUR Shine!” Visit http://www.biboawards.com & SUBSCRIBE!

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For more information or media/press credentials to BIBO events, interviews with BIBO’s Creator, Founder & Producer: Traci S. Campbell please submit the form below to Tracey Bond, Publicist for BIBOAWARDS.com & TraciS.Campbell or email: BIBOPR@BeneficiencePublicRelations.com

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