Tuesday Evening March 8th Come Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay with Rae Luskin at Catalyst Ranch Downtown Chicago, IL

“We are here to celebrate International Women’s day. I am blessed to have
many of these wonderful women as friends, colleagues for a very long time. Others I was fortunate enough to interview. These women inspire me everyday, they are role models, mentors, volunteers….all across the globe.” – Rae Luskin, “The Creative Activist” author, speaker, & coach.

-We are here to celebrate International Women's day....- - RAe Luskin March 8th 2016 6-8pm CATALYSTRANCH

MediaInvited: #March8th #InternationalWomensDay #ChicagoEvent #CatalystRanch WomensInterests #ChicagoWomen #ChicagoEvents #GenderEquality #CreativeActivist LIVE @Catalyst Ranch http://ow.ly/Yz8X5


Media Welcomed & Invited! eMail: rseluskinpr@beneficiencepublicrelations.com for confirmation details, press releases & more >>>




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