Join us Friday 3/11 Engaging Speakers West Suburban Event Friday, Mar 11th 2016 at 11:00 am Pilot Pete’s Restaurant in Schaumburg, IL

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West Suburban Event

Friday, Mar 11th 2016 at 11:00 am

Pilot Pete’s Restaurant in Schaumburg, IL

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Member Focus
Nancy “What Is Special Needs Planning?

Nancy Roach

….Nancy, will present “What Is Special Needs Planning?

Nancy has a diverse background in the financial services industry. She learned her craft working for several fortune 100 companies and currently runs her own practice with Upstream Investment Partners. She has a heart for and discernment of the issues that can make or break your family finances and/or your small business that comes from personal experience.

Nancy’s presentation will help you to:

• Balance your present and future needs with your loved one’s present and future needs

• Create and implement personal care, financial, and legal plans

• Communicate such plans to all relevant persons

• Review and revise plans as circumstances change

• Assure family members that loved one’s needs have been adequately addressed

If you have a loved one who has special needs, you won’t miss this presentation. Please share this with someone who has a special needs family member. They will thank you!

You don’t want to miss this presentation!

Member Education
Wayne “Why Speaking and Presenting Remotely Freaks Us Out…”  

Wayne Turmel

…Wayne, will present “Why Speaking and Presenting Remotely Freaks Us Out…s”

Do you love public speaking, but hate doing webinars and leading online meetings or conference calls? There are actually biological and psychological reasons we frak out a little when asked to preseny online. The problem is that to do business in the 21st Century, online presenting skills are an important part of the professional speaker’s tool kit.

Join Wayne Turmel, author of 6 Weeks to a Great Webinar and Meet Like You Mean It- a Leader’s Guide to Painless and Productive Virtual Meetings for this informative, high-energy and candid discussion of why we don’t like to present online, and how to get over it.

Wayne Turmel is a writer, speaker, and the president of GreatWebMeetings.com. For nearly a decade he has helped people learn to present, sell, train and lead people and teams using today’s webinar and virtual conferencing tools. He’s spoken at conferences and events all over the world, and his first novel, The Count of the Sahara received Honorable Mention at the 2015 Great Midwest Book Festival.

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Can’t make it…

We have 4 local meetings, one for each week of the month and a Virtual Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month. [learn more]


Engaging Speakers has meetings in Downers Grove, Schaumburg, Chicago and Algonquin. We encourage you attend these meetings to help you “Speak Your Way to More Business“.

Upcoming Events!

Downers Grove  Mar 4 2016

Schaumburg  Mar 11, 2016

Chicago Chapter  Mar 16, 2016

Algonquin Chapter  Mar 25, 2016

Virtual Meeting  Mar 22, 2016

Boot Camp 6  April 2, 2016

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