Alisha Roberts Novak, Administrative Resolutions Network (ARN)

--Alisha Roberts-Novak AN Social business quotable - ePRessed at Beneficience.com PR--

ARN training sessions help you build the organizational skills that are required to maintain business process effectiveness over the long term. Our approach to Business Process Improvement Training can be tailored to your needs by incorporating modules that include strategic management and implementation of change management to produce your desired goal, and more. – Alisha Roberts-Novak, ARN

Alisha Press Release Graphic Image eDesigned By Tracey Bond BondGirl007PenTerprises.com for Beneficience.com PR Clientele

Alisha Roberts-Novak is available for photos, media interviews and press opportunities. Please contact Tracey Bond, PhJrn – Publicist at Beneficience.com for these arrangements.

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