Join Us for Engaging Speakers’ Chicago Event Wednesday Mar 16th, 2016 at 5:30 pm Parthenon Restaurant 314 S. Halsted Chicago, IL

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Chicago Event

Wednesday Mar 16th, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Parthenon Restaurant 314 S. Halsted Chicago, IL

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Member Focus
Jeffery Allen “The Power of Common Connections

Jeffrey Allen

….Jeffery, will present “TThe Power of Common Connections 

Every day we are surrounded with opportunities to make a difference. We have unlimited resources made available to us through the common connections of people we work with, travel with, or sit next to. We have an abundance at our disposal and we fail to take advantage of what is directly in front of us. Learn how to expand your territory and influence people, communities, and all who surround you. Simple approaches make anything possible and any opportunity come to life. In a time when reliance on technical help and social media is the norm, we often walk past our next opportunity. Don’t be shy. Come and make a common connection with each other today!

Jeffrey is a gifted writer, radio talk show host, inspiring leader and motivational speaker, where he challenges, educates and empowers individuals and organizations to significantly increase their capabilities and expand the influence of their organizations while striving to improve the quality of their lives and those around them.

You don’t want to miss this presentation!

Member Education
Matthew “The Art of Evaluation and How it Can Improve Your Speaker Skills”  

Matthew Fox

…Matthew, will present “The Art of Evaluation and How it Can Improve Your Speaker Skills”

As a facilitator, emcee, trainer, coach, and award winning Toastmaster, Matthew has engaged and entertained audiences across the Midwest. Matthew’s speaking started back in high school with a local improv troupe and continued with studies in improv and storytelling at The Second City Theater. His time in Corporate America has infused a sense of professionalism while his dabbling in theater provides an influx of humor, emotion, and engagement. He truly believes all the world’s a stage and hopes you will enjoy the topic today.

Matthew’s professional background includes a mix of art and science with analysis of all things digital. He began his career at Discover Card assisting the management of multi-million dollar projects and eventually moved onto advertising where he helped major brands such as Whirlpool-Maytag, Philip-Morris, and Earth Hour execute digital campaigns. He currently manages the development of websites for several nationwide companies in a variety of verticals from religious based nonprofits to manufacturing.

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Can’t make it…

We have 4 local meetings, one for each week of the month and a Virtual Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month. [learn more]


Engaging Speakers has meetings in Downers Grove, Schaumburg, Chicago and Algonquin. We encourage you attend these meetings to help you “Speak Your Way to More Business“.

Upcoming Events!

Downers Grove  Mar 4 2016

Schaumburg  Mar 11, 2016

Chicago Chapter  Mar 16, 2016

Algonquin Chapter  Mar 25, 2016

Virtual Meeting  Mar 22, 2016

Boot Camp 6  April 2, 2016



Our Boot Camp 6 Keynote Speaker: Desmond Clark





Desmond (Dez) Clark, Chicago Bears fan favorite, is considered one of the greatest Tight Ends in the history of the NFL. His 68-game starting streak included the 2006 XLI Super Bowl game, the highlight of his 13 years in professional football. Today, as a public speaker, Dez inspires and entertains audiences in heartfelt conversation on the meaning of diversity, principals of sales, and the importance of having a personal standard of excellence … in his own life, and more broadly in the contexts of sports, youth achievement, and business. The current President of NFL Alumni Chicago and a successful financial advisor for Wayne Messmer & Associates, Dez has long leveraged his years of leadership on and off the field to help others achieve their potential. He shares the foundation for his personal standard of excellence in his newly released memoir “Before and Beyond the Game”.

Engaging Spkrs BOOT CAMP Benefits


DON’T MISS IT…Invite a friend to join you!  REGISTER TODAY!https://www.eventbrite.com/e/engaging-speakers-boot-camp-6-tickets-18910736522

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