WGLA Chicago Chapter Meets TODAY for Lunch/Dessert from 1-2:30pm BRIO (Yorktown Shopping Ctr.) Lombard, IL

WGLA Chicago Chapter Meets Today 4-5-2016 - Learn more at http---womensgla.com-chicago-event and Get member Info at http---womensgla.com--affiliates=19

#WGLAChicagoChapter #TODAY 1-2:30pm URL http://ow.ly/10jFz1 “Join me & other WGLA women of excellence in leadership in Chicago this afternoon for lunch and/or dessert at Brio in Lombard, IL (Yorktown Shopping Center!) Its all about collaborating, co-promoting connecting and empowering you to succeed.” GET CONNECTED. GET PARTNERS. GET REAL…

‪#‎WGLA‬ ‪#‎ChicagoChapter‬ Meets Today
1:00pm to 2:30pm at BRIO in Yorktown Shopping Center in Lombard, IL.
REGISTER online or on-location today at http://ow.ly/10jFz1

For membership info or director opportunities to start a new chapter in your region visit: http://womensgla.com/?affiliates=19

For more comments and/or information, please visit…


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