@KarenHoyos exclusive on-air VIP invite for YOU! Karen Hoyos SPEAKS on”The Essence of Success Seminar – The Key To Having It All”

Karen Hoyos SPEAKS on”The Essence of Success Seminar – The Key To Having It All”

@KarenHoyos exclusive on-air VIP invite LIVE for YOU!
Today 11am ET, 10am CT, 8am PT @intothePODlight

Click here to tune into the SPEAK! @IntoThePODlight PRodcast show here at: http://tobtr.com/s/8762773

Image Link http://ow.ly/i/iQHBG

Karen Hoyos and Tracey Bond, PhJrn-Publicist Share -The Essence Of Success Webinar May 2nd 2016 on SPEAKINTOTHE PODLIGHT PRodcast Show on episode.png

We welcome KAREN HOYOS back to our show to share a special message with listeners today!

Hoyos is a Global Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach- Speaker & Author; she is considered one of the most influential leaders in the area of personal development. Karen is often featured as an expert guest on networks such as NBC, E! Entertainment Televeision & CNN. She personally coaches Hollywood celebrities, atheletes, politicians & entrepreneurs. Karen has also been a special guest on many of the most famous ceremonies in the world, such as The Grammys and The Oscars!

The vision of Karen Hoyos International is to To Raise the Consciousness of Humanity and Transform this Planet into one of Peace, Love and Abundance for All. We train leaders to find, share & maximize the impact of their gifts to serve the world creating financial success doing what they love! We reach the masses through the powerful influence of our thousands of graduates. Our seminars go deep, into the core of people’s essence and empower them to find, live and share their life’s purpose.

Q: Are you ready to receive the manifestation of your calling?

Seminar Access Details: This seminar has the regular price of $500, which I invite you as my special guest and VIP guest of Karen Hoyos International, to participate for FREE! * The complimentary passes are limited though, so be sure to Click “GOING” now to save your spot and I will contact you with how to access the online seminar.

12990894_1051231084935386_1435490486783146294_n (1)
The DATE and TIME is: Monday, May 2, 2016
7 pm-9:30 pm EASTERN; 4 pm-6:30 pm PACIFIC; 6 pm-8:30 pm CENTRAL
You will LOVE it!  Your Time is NOW! https://www.facebook.com/events/958011740961228

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  1. Today SPEAK! @IntoThe PODLight Features A-list Celebrity Guest: @KarenHoyos exclusive on-air VIP invite on”The Essence of Success Seminar – The Key To Having It All” – SPEAK! #intothepodlight

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