Tracey Bond’s New Book Spirit Fed ENTREPRENEUR – Growing Your Business with a Fearless Mindset is now available for Pre Order and FREE Audio Downloads

What Reviewers Are Saying About:

You are What you Feat!”

“Tracey Bond’s “Glowing Forward” attitude is contagious.

When we feed out souls the nutrition it craves, great things are accomplished!”Spirit-Fed-Entrepreneur-Tracey

Tracey Bond - Award Wining Author, Speaker, Hollywood Publicist and VIP Social Entertainment Lifestyle Business News Journopreneur

“We are getting great reviews for new book launching May 1st:

Spirit Fed Entrepreneur, Grow Your Business with a Fearless mindset, thank you!


If you pre-order you’ll get an autographed copy and for visiting the site we are offering free audio downloads.


It’s time to eliminate Fear in our lives.  We were made in the image of God and we are meant to live a Spirit Fed  Life. Join me now and live an even greater life with confidence!

 The cost is only $19.99 + shipping.

See some testimonies below:
–“Becky Lynn Smith drives it home in her chapter, Escaping the Entrepreneurial Trap, educating young entrepreneurs on the pitfalls to look for along the way to achieving true purpose.”

–“Sandi Mitchell’s 8 step approach to relinquishing fear is an easy, no nonsense approach to get down to the core of your energy sap. “Failing forward “is much more courageous and profitable than choose to “Settle rather than to soar.”


Read and learn more at http://www.spiritfedbook.com

Available at Amazon, BN and Readers Legacy Sunday May 1st!

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