Chicago’s Original HOT MIX 5 on Windy City LIVE TV Today…And About Daley Plaza Downtown Chicago Tomorrow?


From: WCL (WindyCityLive) updates…TODAY!


In 1981, an American DJ group was formed right here in Chicago. They called themselves the “Hot Mix 5” and have been credited as bringing House music into mainstream popularity.

Founder Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, fondly known as the King of House Music, is joined by the original members of “Hot Mix 5” for the 35th anniversary celebration that kicks off at “Windy City LIVE.”

This year’s anniversary is about celebrating 35 years of mixing on the radio. The group is giving back to the community with DJ seminars for aspiring musicians and a health fair that promotes healthy living.

For more information on the 35th anniversary celebration for “Hot Mix 5,” please visit: http://www.hotmix5festival.com/

As updated on Facebook today from June 11th Hot Mix 5 Event Promoter, Tony Rosales ( Tip Top Entertainment).



Windy City LIVE Studio Set Footage as publicly posted from Hot Mix 5 Dj “Scott (Smokin’) Silz” on Facebook


(Below Farley’s Mascot) Photo by Deejay Lonnieb (as publicly posted on Facebook.com)

As updated on Facebook today from June 11th Hot Mix 5 Event Promoter, Tony Rosales ( Tip Top Entertainment).

2 hours…‪#‎HotMix5‬‪#‎WindyCityLive‬ tv show…

‪#‎ThisMorning‬ June 2nd, 2016: Farley Williams, The King of House Music just gave the proclamation. So Chicago ‪#‎househeads‬ its your time to arise!

Don’t miss your original #HotMix5 ‘s @WindyCityLive tv appearance today featuring special Emmy award winning tv, film and entertainer and co-host Jackee’ Harry of “227.”

1. ‪#‎FarleyJackmasterFunk‬
2. ‪#‎ScottSmokinSilz‬
3. ‪#‎RalphiTheRazzRosario‬
4. ‪#‎MickeyMixinOliver‬
5. ‪#‎KennyJamminJason‬

Yeahhhh! Yeahhhh! Yeahhhh!

These ‪#‎WBMX‬ 102.7 fm (now) ‪#‎V103‬ fm ‪#‎HotMixDjs‬ took all the artists music, played and like Farley says here: youuuuuuu took it all around the world! So lets get it innnnn today and show our ‪#‎househead‬ love for our fave‪#‎HotMixFive‬ guys

‪#‎Btw‬ about TOMORROW 6/3/16 Q: Did you know ‪#‎bychance‬?


June 3rd, 2016: Whoaaa and you definitely do not want to miss what‪#‎MrsFarley‬ (Dr.) Delece Williams, CEO of Kidz Korna is coordinating for the kids,at the ‪#‎DaleyCenter‬ in downtown Chicago tomorrow!

June 11th, 2016: Yessss Chicago, we are going to show Chicago how #hotmix5 ‪#‎housemusiclovers‬ get down!!!! Tony Rosales presents the 35th Anniversary Festival of The HotMix5Djs, 6 giant stages, 60 (+) djs, over 30artists, dj training and health training seminars…and more >>>>>

‪#‎GottaHaveHouseMusic‬ ‪#‎Allnightlong‬!
‪#‎Jackyourbody‬ #‪#‎JackJackyourbody‬!

 # # #

-We show & tell the world who our 'WINNERS' are...quite well!- - Tracey Bond, AW Publicist at Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR

HotMix5 Beneficience.com PR Announcement & New Celebrity DJ PR CLient Press Release Post - May 9th 2016

MEDIA CONTACT FORM For The upcoming June 11th, 2016
Hot Mix 5 35th Anniversary Festival, Chicago

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download (14)

Media Exclusive Interview with
Chicago DJS of THE HOT MIX 5
(WMBX 102.7 fm radio now known as V103) 

Tickets at http://HotMix5Festival.com


A Media Day Interview – #BondGirl007eNewsRoom Exclusive
with The Premiere DJ Team On Earth: 35th Anniversary HOT MIX 5 Festival
Hot Mix DJ Scott Smokin Silz + Hot Mix DJ Farley Jackmaster Funk Williams & Tony Rosales, Tip Top Entertainment Producer & PromoterYouTube-logo-full_color1 (1)23 (1)

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMrVRhe0fOo

v103_logo_web_180x115_0_1405351576hqdefault (2)

An Exclusive Media Day LIVE Interview with HOT MIX 5 DJs About The June 11th 35th Anniversary Of The Hot Mix 5!

About This YOUTUBE VIDEO: An Exclusive Media Day LIVE Interview w/Tracey Bond, AW PhJrn-Publicist #BondGirl007eNewsRoom/US Press Agency VIP News that  features Chicago’s Legendary WBMX 102.7 FM Radio Hot Mix 5 DJs: Scott Smokin Silz, Farley Jackmaster Funk Williams & Tony Rosales of Tip Top Entertainment, The Producer & Promoter of 35th Anniversary of Chicago’s WBMX 102.7 fm radio personalities. et als.


June 11th 2016 McCormick Place Chicago, IL

Special Credits Interview Background Music:
Mixes and Sounds of
Dennis Ferrer – “I Heard You Say Hey Hey” (You Tube)
Hot Mix 5 Dj Mixes (Hot Mix 5 DJ Ralphi Rosario, Scott Smokin’ Silz, Mickey Mixin’ Oliver, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Kenny Jammin’ Jason)


On-location Media Day #BondGirl007eNewsRoom & Lunch
at Jak’s Tap Green Room W. Loop, Chicago IL
( Thanks Jimmy, Owner of Jak’s Tap).

  • 40,000k People (Chicago House Music Dancers,  Lovers, “Househead” Fans)
  • 60 Chicagoland DJs
  • 6 Giant Stages 
  • 30+ Performing Artists
  • DJ Training Seminars
  • Health Seminars
  • Vendors, Sponsors and more >>>
  • More ticket details at http://hotmix5festival.com  

“40,000 Househeads in one room…we believe in havin’ fun and gettin’ down…our whole city (Chicago, IL) needs this right now! This party is gonna be off the chain. Make sure you get there!” – Farley Jackmaster Funk, Williams, Chicago’s Hot Mix 5 DJ (@FARLEYJMF)


“40,000 househeads in one room, we could’ve got a zero in the wrong spot, but we have millions of fans from 1981  and the exception of the Hot Mix 5 being on the radio – we play to millions of people every week; so 40,000k people is a small fragment of what our audience really is. So we’re looking forward to those who know about the event to get the word out there…because we really don’t have enough space for all of those who would attend.  – Farley Jackmaster Funk (The King Of House Music)

Q: Farley, who needs to be at this event, Grandma’s, can we bring the children?

A: “We would say: Everybody and they Mama, you know what I’m saying – we want everybody and they Mama to be there;  so that means your Daddy, your Mama, your Grandma.  We want everybody to be in the house, we are not ‘starch’ people, we are ‘LIVE’ people, we believe in havin’ fun and gettin’ down…so we know our whole city needs this right now!

People are  up in age a little bit right now…wwo we are playing to the Ol’ School and we want them people to come out get in shape dance more. We want the younger people, the djs, to come out to the dj  seminar. We have a health fair put together by Delece Williams from the Kidz Korna.

Right now, I’m gonna keep it real! The party is gonna be off the chain! Make sure y’all get there – I mean this party is for all generations but you MUST BE 21 and over – “no kids” as we used to say in 1983.  We really want people to come out and experience this, because of you were in to house music and you were in your 50’s and your 40’s, your kids should be around 25 you know what I mean? ” – Farley Jackmaster Funk Williams- WMBX 102.7 Fm HOT MIX 5 DJ, June 11th Event Headliner

“This is a DREAM lineup beyond Dream lineups, you will never see this happen again…its all about Peace, Love, Harmony and House Music!” –Scott Smokin’ Silz, Chicago’s HotMix5 DJ (@scottmix5)

Q: “Who should be at this event DJ Scott Smokin’ Silz?”

A: “If you grew up listening to house music…if you grew up listening to WBMX, grew up listening to B96, you listened to V103, you listened to WGCI and you grew up on this music …this is an event that you will never see again, this will never happen again… this is a once-in-a lifetime historic event.

The lineup is absolutely incredible, if we were around in another 5 or 10 years I’m sure everybody on this, will not play at this event. So, you will never see this kind of lineup again.

If you’ve ever followed Chicago House Music…if you’re from London or overseas and you love Chicago House Music – this is a DREAM lineup that is beyond dream lineups. There is no way you will ever, EVER get all these people in the same building – at the same time, it’ll never happen. ..I’m gonna go on the record saying that – it will not happen.”

Scott Smokin’ Silz – WMBX 102.7 Fm HOT MIX 5 DJ, June 11th Event Headliner

Come Party With All Of The Legendary Hot Mix 5 DJ’s June 11th Featuring: 




TONY ROSALES of TIP TOP ENTERTAINMENT Producer of the  History Making June 11th 2016 event at McCormick Place Chicago – The “35th Anniversary of The HOT MIX 5 Festival” (HotMix5festival.com)


” I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have all these gentlemen (HOT MIX 5 DJs) aboard and female DJs also – this is very exciting and I’m just so happy to present this to the public. I grew up listening to the Hot Mix 5 (looking at DJ Scott Silz) along with Hot Mix 5 DJs Farley Kenny Mickey and Ralphi and eventually it was my dream to get the guys to perform…Scott and Farley got me into the music industry where I decided to go big time; I’m feeling the vibe…this event will be something that we can all remember…” -Tony Rosales, Tip Top Entertainment, Producer 35th Anniversary of The Hot Mix 5 Festival, June 11th 2016 McCormick Place, Chicago, IL




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE URL: https://beneficience.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/beneficience-com-pr-adds-chicago-house-music-legends-event-hot-mix-5-djs-35th-anniversary-festival



Media Contact: 


 Tracey Bond, AW Ph-Jrn and Publicist of Record at Beneficience.com (PR)
 The Premiere Prolific Personage Public Relations Operative of
Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago, New York, Canada & London UK 

e: HOTMIX5PR@beneficiencepublicrelations.com

Facebook EVENT Page:

Facebook Event Page: RSVP Here For Hot Mix 5 Festival June 11th 2016

” My kids look up to these gentleman (HOT MIX 5)  – its all about growing up and listening to this music – with all of the violence out there right now in Chicago – we’re  trying to bring the city of Chicago together for this main event. I grew up to this music and I still have cassettes of this music from back in the days…and I’m looking forward to it with all of the other 39,000 plus fans that will be there (at McCormick place on June 11th, 2016).” – Tony Rosales, Tip Top Entertainment, Producer 35th Anniversary of The Hot Mix 5 Festival, June 11th 2016 McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

TICKETS FOR this event are going fast!

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