Beneficience.com PR Presents #HotMix5 Meet and Greet Downtown Daley Plaza Chicago

Beneficience.com PR Presents Video Party of

#HotMix5 Meet and Greet

Downtown Daley Plaza Chicago!


Published on Jun 4, 2016

Beneficience.com PR Presents #HotMix5 Meet and Greet Downtown Daley Plaza Chicago. 24 hours WINDY CITY LIVE TV Show Appearance and to publicly kick off the 7-day away countdown for our Beneficience.com PR client: “Tony Rosales Presents The HOT MIX 5 35th Anniversary Festival June 11th 12noon to 12midnight at McCormick Place Chicago!

The facts are this will be a “once-in-a-lifetime” event!


Q: If you love house music, grew up & into house music and couldn’t make the Friday June 3rd, 2016 NOON downtown Daley Plaza Party – here’s a Hi-FI (HD) video vignette party we produced at Beneficience.com PR to pull you on in featuring 4 of the Chicago WBMX 102.7 fm famous, original Hot Mix 5 Djs: Farley Jackmaster Funk Williams (The King of House Music); Scott Smokin’ Silz, Kenny Jammin’ Jason & Mickey Mixin’ Oliver and other Chicago Djs who joined the party!

Get your tickets today at: http://hotmix5festival.com
Your Original Hot Mix 5 Djs will be performing on 6 giant stages, 40,000k people, over 60 djs, 30+ performing artists in tribute, dj training and health seminars, vendor and sponsor opportunities galore!

Coming soon…

The King of House Music is building an EDM Museum in 2020 in Chicago.

Subscribe to Breaking PR News Updates for The King Of House Music at https://atomic-temporary-97494949.wpcomstaging.com/?s=Farley+Jackmaster+Funk+Williams

Beneficience.com PR Presents #HotMix5 Meet and Greet

Downtown Daley Plaza Chicago


Daley plaza Event coordinated by Delece Williams, CEO of KidzKorna 


Loved Friday’s ‪#‎housemusiclovers‬ who showed up and got down at the‪#‎HotMix5‬ ‘s

‪#‎MeetandGreet‬ in downtown Chicao’s Daley plaza coordinated by Delece Williams!

Y’all did that!!! ‪#‎suavemente‬ Q: Do you love house music?

Get Tickets NOW for next Saturday’s June 11th event from 12noon pm to 12midnight am

at McCormick Place –HotMix5Festival.com

‪#‎60Djs‬ #‎6giantstages‬ #‎30performingartists‬ #‎djtrainingseminars‬ ‪#‎healthseminars‬ and more!

For more information, Media/Press Contacts:
Reach out to: Tracey Bond (^007^) Ph-Jrn – Publicist of Record for the Hot Mix 5 June 11th Event | Beneficience.com PR

email: hotmix5pr@beneficiencepublicrelations.co­m

Beneficience.com respects all artist copyrights you may hear played in the performance for noncommercial and public common use, as well as video instrumental background music by Dennis Ferrer.

Videography by Tracey Bond, PhJrn (#007PhDoTo/Beneficience.com)

All rights reserved. Copyright 2016. Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills Hollywood Chicago New York Canada & London UK


Media Contact: hotmix5pr@beneficiencepublicrelations.com

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