Deja Pierre-Jacques’quote on Rule Number #1!”

– Deja Pierre-Jacques

-Rule #1 know your value- - Deja Pierre-Jacques - Shooting PR Star Client at Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR Design by Tracey Bond BondGirl007ePenTerprises.com

Beauty and Fashion Industry audiences are invited to connect Social with Deja Pierre-Jacques currenty on social media networks as follows:

Facebook name: Deja Pierre-Jacques
Instagram: deja_simone 15
Twitter: deja_simone15

Deja Pierre-Jacques is available for social event opportunities, beauty & fashion industry promotional engagements, media and press interviews. Beneficience is the official social business & public relations agency operation of record   for Miss Pierre-Jacques as published below.

-We show & tell the world who our 'WINNERS' are...quite well!- - Tracey Bond, AW Publicist at Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR

About BENEFICIENCE Public Relations of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago, London UK | (Beneficience.com). BENEFICIENCE PR is a Beverly Hills, California – based boutique public relations, marketing & communications consulting firm catering to a broad based clientele in the worlds of social entrepreneurship for business, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and music.

Media Contact:
Tracey Bond, PhJrn & AW Publicist
Beneficience.com PR of Beverly Hills Hollwyood Chicago & London UK

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