Beneficience.com PR Proudly Announces New Business Client: Finance + Funding Executive Ameca Cooley – CEO of Fast Pace Financial, Inc.

Beneficience.com PR Announces New Business Client:

Finance + Funding Executive, Ameca Cooley – CEO of Fast Pace Financial, Inc. 


For Immediate Release: Award-winning Hollywood Publicist Tracey Bond welcomes Ameca Cooley, as her newest finance + funding executive personality to the Beneficience.com PR clientele this holiday season. Bond is launching, curating, developing, managing and publishing Cooley’s personage as an emerging Chicago-HQ’d international finance industry pr star!


World Class Publicist Tracey Bond welcomes Ameca Cooley, as the newest entrepreneur to her Beneficience.com New Media PR clientele + catalogue. Bond is launching Cooley’s personage as an emerging int’l business celebrity and finance executive. CHICAGO – Dec. 12, 2016 –

PRLog — Ms. Ameca (Amy) Cooley was raised by her grandparents who were multiple business owners and operators, inspiring her to follow that career path. Unlike most families her family never asked her what kind of job she wanted, but rather, what kind of business she would start. Her financial service industry experience began at 19 years old, selling life and health insurance over the phone. By 2011 Ameca was providing businesses in the UK and USA with marketing and website services.

Two years later she added credit card processing sales to her service offerings. “In 2015 I went to visit a friend to get a mortgage, but instead of getting a mortgage I began Fast Pace Financial INC. Fast Pace Financial INC. is a one stop shop for Financial services. God had me combine all my years in financial services under one umbrella company.” Cooley’s company Fast Pace Financial INC. provides business loans, bridge capital, rehab loans, personal loans wholesale credit card processing, and mortgage loans; offering her clients complimentary financial consultations to ensure they are building wealth and poverty-prevention awareness.

Cooley’s Fast Pace Financial Inc.’s mission statement is: “Utilizing the Power God has given us to get wealth for Building the Kingdom of God through the marketplace and taking back the land.” – Deuteronomy 8:18, Matthew 25:14-30

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• Professional from start to finish. My reputation with the media hinges on how my publicist performs.
• Tracey is Trustworthy. As my publicist Tracey has to be able to earned my trust without making outrageous claims or promises? Which lead me to believe she can probably earn the media’s trust, too.   I’ve known Tracey for 21 years so during that time she has had an opportunity to develop trust with me.
• Tracey is Confident. Publicists deal with rejection almost daily. They have to bounce back from every “no thanks” they hear, knowing they’re that much closer to a “yes.”
• Enthusiastic. I wouldn’t hire someone to promote me who was less than enthusiastic about me or my business.
• Tracey is very Creative. From the first day she suggested one idea after another. This is key for ongoing work relationship, since we will be working together for months and possibly years.


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MORE ABOUT AMECA COOLEY at: FastPaceFinancial.com


VIEW  FULL MEDIA GALLERY OF IMAGES, TESTIMONIALS at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FastPayFinancialInc/about

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