Tuesday’s are How the Hair Are You? iHeart Radio Show days hosted by Dr. Crystal Porter…

Dr. Crystal Porter’s Facebook Events Re: Hair Talk


Tuesday’s are How the Hair Are You? iHeart Radio Show days hosted by Dr. Crystal Porter of Mane Insights on iHeart Radio at WCSU.

“Whether you love it, cut it, curly it or do nothing with it, this show is ALL about HAIR.
In the spirit of the hair loss support group I had the honor of speaking to this past weekend I want to highlight the poor quality of advice and information that is available in the blogesphere. I recently read an article that supposedly enlightens people as to what to do when they notice a bald spot. I will poke all kinds of holes in it. Be careful in choosing who you listen to…” – Dr. Crystal Porter


Join me along with my regularly-scheduled in-studio guest, Ms. Maryam. We will be on Periscope @ManeInsights and look forward to your participation! http://www.iheart.com/live/wcsu-chicago-state-university-6067/ #MaryamHairCare #ManeInsights #HairScientist #HairDoc



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