New Beneficience PR Clients: WBTN.tv CEO Co-Founders and TV Network Show Producers Shea Vaughn & Jayne Rios share their tv network collaboration inspirations ON-AIR SpeakIntoThePODlight PR Radio Show Valentines Day Show Episode


Why we love these WBTVN.tv television founders & you will too!



WBTN.tv co-founders 
Shea Vaughn & Jayne Rios
 share their tv network collaboration inspirations ON-AIR 
SpeakIntoThePODlight PR Radio Show!


Womens Broadcasting Television Network
“Created by WOMEN, Created for WOMEN”


Become a show host with us at http://wbtvn.tv/?affiliates=10

AW Publicist & SpeakIntoThePODlight PR Radio Show Host Tracey Bond adds WBTVN.tv – WomensBroadcasting Television Network to her new pr client partnership catalogue. WBTVN.tv streaming live on the internet via Google Play Roku, Comcast, Hulu, AppleTV and coming soon toall major netowrks by March 2017!

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