Q: WERE YOU THERE? Sunday Afternoon #CocktailsAndConversations Check out this link http://ow.ly/ujDh309

Check out this link http://ow.ly/ujDh309RnWE

#Authorpreneurs Crysta Wicks​ & Tiana Nicole​ hos presenters at last Sunday Afternoon’s Cocktails & Conversation Speed Networking Event​ at Diamonds Sports Bar​!

Authorpreneur & Lifestyle Brand CEO Crysta Wicks posing with MILLIONAIRESS BY THE BOSS WIFE ladies Sunday afternoon during their Cocktails & Conversation Speed Networking Event at Diamonds Sports Bar. Visit http://atomic-temporary-97494949.wpcomstaging.com/ for more of her upcoming press photos & #prnews! Enter her and any pr client name, industry category in the search field (top) and voila! — with Crysta Wicks at Diamonds Sports Bar.

Follow more #prnews for author entreprenuers: Crysta Wicks & Tiana Nicole and America’s #1 #HairScientist: Dr. Crystal Porter at Mane Insights at http://atomic-temporary-97494949.wpcomstaging.com/ Enter these glowing famous social business celerity names in the search field (top) at Beneficience.com and voila! — with Tiana Nicole, Crystal Porter, Crysta Wicks and Tracey Media-Magnate Bond at Diamonds Sports Bar.

Author Crysta Wicks​ & Tiana Nicole-CONNECT WITH the Author​ at their Cocktails & Conversation Speed Networking Event​ last Sunday afternoon. Follow more #prnews for #authorprenuers: Crysta Wicks​’ & Tiana Nicole​ at http://atomic-temporary-97494949.wpcomstaging.com. Just enter their names in the search field (top) and voila!

We’re Back At It!!! Join Us Y’all…. It’s Speed Networking!!! It’s Not What You Know… It’s Who You Know!!! Come Out & Meet Some of Chicago’s Most Elite Professionals!!! Presented by the cast of Married to the Pen, and hosted by The Boss Wife, come out on March 12th from 3 PM to 6 PM and network with Chicago’s most elite millennials while enjoying cocktails & conversation! Full menu available at http://www.diamondssportsbars.com#marriedtothepen #thebosswife #teammillionairess





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