A Labor Day Salute To The USA from Beneficience.com PR Virtual

“A Labor Salute To The USA from Beneficience.com PR Virtual. American labor forces, enjoy the today that is all about you, celebrate the fruit of your labors and find some rest in the day!” – Tracey Bond, Chief Virtual Publicist, Beneficience.com @Beneficience

Q: Wonder how far Labor Day history has come…learn some of its (shall we say “what the bloody hell” history as reliably shared on GOOGLE search engines to fortify your knowledge of what you celebrate (hardly fake news here)!



What will you be celebrating next as a business or brand? Let us know how we can help you strategically share your communications in a way that builds interactions with your target audiences and public, to positively impact your business transactions at Beneficience.com Virtual Prolific and Niche Specific Public Relations!

Beneficience.com PR Social Media Spring Summer 2017 Virtual Coffee Tea Chat Communication

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