In Weekend PR News: Emerging Author Valessa Winslow Delivers Keynote Speech at Gus Garcia Middle School Bullying Symposium, Sat. October 14th, 2017

“Look Courage In The Eye When Fear Knocks You Down! – ~ Valessa Winslow

News Release: Emerging Author Valessa Winslow, (ValessaWinslow.com), and CEO of Inspire2bTransformed, LLC attended 5th Area Wide Middle School Bullying Symposium, to deliver the keynote speech on ‘Bullying’ at Gus Garcia Middle School, in San Antonio, TX. 

Breaking News- Vale'ssa Winslow, CEO of Inspired2BTransformed, LLC. is Breaking News as anew shooting pr star client for Immediate Release at Beneficience.com PR Virtual

Copy of Valessa Winslow on Instagram - ValessaWinslow.comAuthorquotes on purpose Valessa Winslow is available for media interviews and press opportunities & more at email desk@beneficien

“Look Courage In The Eye When Fear Knocks You Down! – ~ Valessa Winslow

Emerging Author Valessa Winslow, CEO of Inspire2bTransformed, LLC will attend 5th Area Wide Middle School Bullying Symposium, as Keynote Speaker today from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Gus Garcia Middle School, in San Antonio, TX, 78228.

Event Hosted By:  AAABSE -Alamo Area Alliance of Black School Educators

About Valessa Winslow:

Valessa Winslow of San Antonio, Texas is a motivational speaker, life coach, and an Air Force Veteran. She has written and published her first book entitled, “Rape the Silencer! Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now.” She also has shared how putting her pain to paper, changed her life in The Sacral Circle Podcast: “Healing Sexual Trauma Collectively & Lovingly”. Valessa also has been featured on Ms. Entrepreneur Role Model Search Live program: “Rise Above,” highlighted as a powerful, passionate, and purposeful women in San Antonio. This mover and shaker also was the keynote speaker for the 2nd Annual Women’s Conference in Plano, Texas. Her next guest appearance will soon be on the Ester Davis program in Dallas, Texas. She has been chosen to serve as a judge for the Miss South Texas event 2018, official preliminary to Miss Texas and Miss America

Scholarship Competition. Winslow believes that certain young people also deserve the same resources and opportunities as those in more affluent parts of her city. Valessa additionally asserts, by teaching them that their voice matters; that they are not powerless, but powerful beyond measure. Her mantra is “Unleash your Greatness and Show Up.” She proudly has placed San Antonio on the map as being selected as the Host of America’s Extreme Talent Singing Competition Reality Show in Miami, Florida, scheduled for 2018.

Valessa is the CEO and Founder of her nonprofit organization, Inspire 2b Transformed, LLC. She stays busy as an active member and supportive of other organizations, to include the National Association of Professional Women and has served on the Executive Board as the Chief Learning Officer for the Alamo Young Government Leaders, and the Black Women in Business Organization of San Antonio, Texas.




http://valessawinslow.com | http://inspire2btransformed.com







Indie and debut Author Valessa Winslow is available for keynote speaking opportunities and media/press interviews. For more information please contact Tracey Bond, Chief Virtual Publicist of record for Valessa Winslow at http://www.Inspire2bTransformed.com | Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR via “The Desk” email at desk@beneficience.com. See direct media contact information as follows in this news announcement and release.

Tracey Bond, Chief Virtual Publicist
Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR
email: desk@beneficience.com


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