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WEDNESDAY WISDOM at Beneficience.com PR Service Announcements – PRSA’s

December 7, 2016 // 0 Comments

"If you only spent 2% of your business operating budget on marketing, while 80% of customer action is being driven through public relations and communication...what haven't you figured out yet? Marketing and new media PR are two related but totally different things. One of them is increasingly driving significant results for people, their businesses and brands. Book at consultation today at Beneficience.com New Media PR and reset your New year revenue resolutions. Lets chat about what you can do differently and strategically to productively impact your revenue sum in the New Year to come." - Tracey Bond, AW Chief Publicist and US Press Agent at Beneficience.com (@tracey007bond @Beneficience) #WednesdayWisdom [...]

BENEFICIENCE.COM PR is pleased to present our 2016 PR Client Certificate Of Fame to Hollywood Movie Director, Mark E. Ridley

December 6, 2016 // 0 Comments

BENEFICIENCE.COM Prolific Personage PR is pleased to present our 2016 #prclient certificate of fame to: Hollywood Movie Director, Mark E. Ridley. This new media certificate of fame publicly certifies our sincerest appreciation for you and what you do, along with the family of excellent clients that chose our world class PR operative at Beneficience.com to manage their prolific personage #newmedia #publicrelations and #communications business this year as well... We support your industry value, integrity and look forward to publishing the need-to-know communications about the "Who's Who" Winner that's you & all you again in the New Year! [...]

#ThursdayThoughts: Give the devil a HateAche! On #ThankfulThursday

October 28, 2016 // 0 Comments

"Give the devil a HateAche! Celebrate another #ThankfulThursday at Beneficience.com hosted by TraceyBond007.com brands, communities and companies at BondGirl007Penterprises"

URL: https://traceybond007.com/2016/06/09/tracey-bond-is-celebrating-thankfulthursday-personally-and-publicly/


"Give the devil a #hateache today! Y'know our last October Thursday has rolled around and I'm still celebrating #ThankfulThursday. I don't need just sweet November to remind me..when #ThankfulThursday when #ThankfulThursday keeps me #trending #gratefulness on track. For some of you, your #payday is on a #Friday and Thursday puts you just 24 closer to it. For a sampling of you today's your payday in other ways. For serial entrepreneurs & brand owners like me payday could show up for you as a community/network expansion, and election to leadership position, a salary increase or promotion, a lifestyle upgrade, client boost, customer increase, champion e-shopper day! Either way in a seven-day week - its almost like Thursday and Friday could be #BFFdays in it. #bankrupt #displacedworkers, #uncompensatedtimeoff, #companydownsizing #sickdayswithoutpay #disabilitywithoutbenefits, #unemployment #layoffs #involuntaryretirement and the increase of #economicslavery are a reality for some not just #seasonalworkers, but all the time. So if you're about to get paid , just think about the blessing in that & get your celebrate what you've got #incoming with gratitude. Think about it... Q: Who will share the thoughts you want to say after you pass away? CONSIDER: The virtue in this #ThoughtfulThursday post is to be thankful you're awake to see and say it above ground - for there is no more opportunity to show gratitude from within the grave...show some today on #ThankfulThursday!" -@Tracey007Bond  I'm so grateful for daily increase in all these flowing, glowing skillmixed, gifts & talent streams God has given me to career steward for my family practically all my adult life...faithful to supply even when I didn't undersatnd it. Since I'm still alive, I want to give the devil another #hateache & show it from A to Zero today! Join me in sharing with the world how you celebrate #ThankfulThursday!
Tracey Bond ^007 is celebrating #ThankfulThursday personally and publicly: "Thinking how many of us who have our sensory abilities of sight to behold that which is vibrant, vivid and visible...gosh there's so much to be thankful for!" - TraceyBond007.com #authorquotes #MediaMention #PRNEWS #PublicRelations #PublicFigure #PSA #PublicServiceAnnouncements #NewMedia #Branding #Leadership #SerialEntrepreneurship #Bestseller #Authors #Success #Journalists #SuccessStories #Communications [...]