Tracey Bond, Womens Global Leadership Alliance (WGLA) – Managing Director for Beverly Hills, CA & Chicago, IL

JOIN US Womens Global Leadership Alliance Chicago (WGLA) Chapter for Luncheonette at BRIO, Lombard, IL

April 21, 2016 // 0 Comments

Words from Shea Vaughn, WGLA Co-Founder & (CWO) Chief Wellness Officer "I love the video and hope everyone in Chicago goes to the event to check it out. You don't only get Tracey but she let's you know what WGLA is up to. We have a new TV opportunity for you that you should look at. Hugs, to all my Chicago..."- Shea Vaughn, WGLA Co-Founder & (CWO) Chief Wellness Officer [...]

Face Booking U #Video Bestimonial Testimonial feat’g P.S Perkins, Professor and Author of “The ART and SCIENCE of Communication…” foreword by Les Brown, world-renowned motivational speaker… on FACE BOOKING U: VIP Face Publishing…

March 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

"I am so excited to have in my hands FACE BOOKING U...with Tracey Bond - we live in a culture where actions speak louder than words; first impressions are lasting impressions...giving us a how to book to understand we're all marketing ourselves, selling ourselves face booking ourselves...whether its one to one, whether its one to a group, mass communication, social media whatever you want to call it - the point is you re always selling yourself. I'm hoping it will enrich my own profession and the lives of other people who are catching on more and more to the 'art and science of communication'." - P.S. Perkins, Washington D.C, USA Professor and Author of "The ART and SCIENCE of Communication: Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace" [...]