#KingdomOfGODGOLDDigger: Mining The Gold


World Wide Press Release: 



#KingdomOfGODGOLDDigger: Mining The Golden Treasury Of A Rich Inheritance Found Only In God Paperback http://ow.ly/ZDqcg #KOGGD
ISBN No: 9780615231938 by Tracey Bond @tracey007bond
As Sold on AMAZON.com

Volume One: A paper-backed sledgehammer wielding economic & generational curse-breaking power. Trumpeting an exodus for all humankind out of cyclical-chaotic financial curses & global political confusion, sourced in spiritual bankruptcy. Kingdom of God Gold-Digger is your bailout-in-a- book from a boiling, end-time, world matrixed, pressure-cooker. Unearth gold mines in this debut-volume of ancient and absolute truth revealing the inheritance (trust) still being kept in God s treasury for believers. Kingdom Of God Gold Digger administers a detoxifying prescription for a prodigal culture, poisoned with slothful, demonic greed to ignite revelatory hope in dark times. There s real gold in them thar’ hills and the rush is on for God s Kingdom Estate; God’s the landowner and His treasury can be yours too…get your name upon the claim! Get your Inheritance…You need it now more than ever! http://ow.ly/ZDqcg http://ow.ly/i/hG5Q6

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