Face Booking U #Video Bestimonial Testimonial feat’g P.S Perkins, Professor and Author of “The ART and SCIENCE of Communication…” foreword by Les Brown, world-renowned motivational speaker… on FACE BOOKING U: VIP Face Publishing…

"I am so excited to have in my hands FACE BOOKING U...with Tracey Bond - we live in a culture where actions speak louder than words; first impressions are lasting impressions...giving us a how to book to understand we're all marketing ourselves, selling ourselves face booking ourselves...whether its one to one, whether its one to a group, mass communication, social media whatever you want to call it - the point is you re always selling yourself. I'm hoping it will enrich my own profession and the lives of other people who are catching on more and more to the 'art and science of communication'." - P.S. Perkins, Washington D.C, USA Professor and Author of "The ART and SCIENCE of Communication: Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace" [...]

3 Online Holiday PR Tips For Feeding Your Social + Public Business published and LIVE on LinkedIn PULSE today!

About Holiday PR: "Create and sponsor unique and socially interesting celebration activities that get the media involved ‘round this time of year. Share hi-impact visual/video content that magnetically draws the most holiday-centric guests to your blog, lead page or website offering incentives for online visitors to boost your holiday trending traffic." - Tracey Bond, Publicist, Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR @beneficience #authoriTWEETS [...]