3 Online Holiday PR Tips For Feeding Your Social + Public Business published and LIVE on LinkedIn PULSE today!


“3 Online Holiday PR Tips For Feeding Your Social + Public Business”

 …as published today for Public Relations and Communications on LinkedIn Pulse!

BENEFICIENCE PROLIFIC PERSONAGE PR: PR NEWS Headliners for PR Clients and their social public who love to share in their need-to-know glow!


  • Create an online opportunity for your audience to be uniquely responsive to your engagement activity with uncluttered, human-interest visual images and graphics that instantly attract the eye for the attention span to immediately follow.


  • Publish easy to recall holiday-centric public service announcements (PSA’s), and don’t forget to include your own creative trendable hashtags like #getyoursnowglowon  or popular traditional mentions like #HappyHolidays #HelloHoliday or #SeasonsGreetings that can pull your visual content message together for others to track via social networking sites and engage with.


  • Deliver season’s greetings salutations that include insights on end-of-the year state of the business, market or industry reports. A great example would be Christophe Choo’s (Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent) Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate Market Update that he published on Facebook. Not only was it informative but it sparked immediate engagement with his vivid luxury lifestyle video clips so centric to the elite culture of Beverly Hills, California social + business community.
  • You may also choose to creatively and strategically thought-lead your audiences with story ideas and newsworthy appeal + human interest value in one of the most globally-celebrated seasons of the year. Consider developing a call-to-action campaign that demonstrates the brand qualities of social responsibility through the spirit-of-giving.


  • Providing an action/awareness solution to some social problem is not only humane but magnetic to media who are actively searching for meaningful content that resonates with the public at large. (For ex: Feed The Children, Homeless, Veterans, Lonely)

  • BONUS: Invite a CEO, celebrity or public figure be the #FacePR of your campaign. Influence and thought-lead with their image & quotes integrated with content relevant and custom-crafted for your business brand.


“Create and sponsor unique and socially interesting celebration activities that get the media involved ‘round this time of year. Share hi-impact visual/video content that magnetically draws the most holiday-centric guests to your blog, lead page or website offering incentives for online visitors to boost your holiday trending traffic.” – Tracey Bond, Publicist, Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR @beneficience

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