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No 2017 STANDOUT 3rd PARTY news…may not be good PR news for your brand! Learn Why > > >

No 2017 STANDOUT 3rd PARTY news...may not be good PR news for your brand! "Q: Is there really NO integrated communication or relevant 3rd Party PR activity for your AUDIENCE, network, media/press & public to find ANYWHERE? A: If yes, then it is likely your brand audience won't remember YOURS amidst the overwhelming content & your media traffic flows somewhere else, dwindling your brand's perception value towards...well...nothing." [...]

3 Online Holiday PR Tips For Feeding Your Social + Public Business published and LIVE on LinkedIn PULSE today!

About Holiday PR: "Create and sponsor unique and socially interesting celebration activities that get the media involved ‘round this time of year. Share hi-impact visual/video content that magnetically draws the most holiday-centric guests to your blog, lead page or website offering incentives for online visitors to boost your holiday trending traffic." - Tracey Bond, Publicist, Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR @beneficience #authoriTWEETS [...]