Engaging Speakers Invites You To Join Their Upcoming Far NW Suburban Event Jan. 22nd 2016!!!

Engaging Speakers Invites You To Join Their Upcoming Far NW Suburban Event Jan. 22nd 2016!!! EngagingSpeakers.com

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Far NW Suburban Event

Friday Jan 22, 2016 at 11:00 am

Biaggi’s Restaurant in Algonquin, IL

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Member Focus
Charisse “How To Be Irresistible

Charisse Sisou

….Charisse, will present “How To Be Irresistible

Why would anyone want to be irresistible, right? I mean, what possible purpose could being a magnet for your most fervent desires serve in your life? Well, it could mean:

  • Owning the room at your next networking event, before you’ve even said a word…
  • Attracting your ideal clients, or dream job…
  • Welcoming your dream partner, or reigniting the passion in your current relationship…

Being irresistible is about turning up the volume in all areas of your life¾to attract what you most desire.

She’ll cover the 3 keys to irresistibility, and how you can implement them today to instantly increase your irresistibility factor.

Warning: Charisse is a full-contact presenter; audience participation is advised. Ensuing fun and laughter may prove addictive – and downright fantastic for your health! 😉

Charisse Sisou is on a mission: to populate the world with happy women. Professional bellydancer turned transformational coach and retreat leader, Charisse draws on her experience as a:

  • nationally award-winning performer and teacher, working with hundreds of women for 10+ years;
  • professional copywriter and author, helping entrepreneurs tell their stories and reach their ideal clients; and
  • corporate refugee, a former staff accountant for a major manufacturing firm. (Oh yes, I was a bellydancing accountant).

She inspires women to show up as ALL of who you are – curves, edges, and all. Learn more about her at ClaimYourFeminine.com

You don’t want to miss this presentation!

Member Education
Debra “Easy Estate Planning”  

Debra Anthony

…Debra, will present “Easy Estate Planning”

Make life easier for yourself and your loved ones.

Who do you trust to help you if:

  • Someday you are not able to think clearly?
  • With health care decisions?
  • With finances?

Would you like to protect your loved ones for the long term – from potential creditors or divorcing spouses?

Would you like to avoid the time and cost of court procedures, such as probate?

Debra Anthony has been an attorney for more than 30 year. She helps people state who they trust and what they want.


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Can’t make it…

We have 4 local meetings, one for each week of the month and a Virtual Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month. [learn more]


Engaging Speakers has meetings in Downers Grove, Schaumburg, Chicago and Algonquin. We encourage you attend these meetings to help you “Speak Your Way to More Business“.

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Are You Responsible for Hiring Speakers for Your Company or Organization?

Engaging Speakers provides meeting planners, program directors, associations and corporations with a free website that allows them to access many highly qualified speakers, so they can effectively book many of their meeting speakers in one place in a fast and efficient manner.

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Meeting planners are also encouraged to attend our monthly meetings to meet our speakers in person and to get a feel for their style and the content. [learn more]


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