Media Exclusive Interview Featuring Chicago DJS of THE HOT MIX 5

May 21, 2016 // 0 Comments

Q: "Who should be at this event DJ Scott Smokin' Silz?" A: "If you grew up listening to house music...if you grew up listening to WBMX, gre up listening to B96, you listened to V103, you listened to WGCI and you grew up on this music ...this is an event that you will never see again, this will never happen again... this is a once-in-a lifetime historic event. The lineup is absolutely incredible, if we were around in another 5 or 10 years I'm sure everybody on this, will not play at this event. So, you will never see this kind of lineup again. If you've ever followed Chicago House Music...if you're from London or overseas and you love Chicago House Music - this is a DREAM lineup that is beyond dream lineups. There is no way you will ever, EVER get all these people in the same building - at the same time, it'll never happen. ..I'm gonna go on the record saying that - it will not happen." Scott Smokin' Silz - WMBX 102.7 Fm HOT MIX 5 DJ, June 11th Event Headliner [...]

BENEFICIENCE.com PR Announces A-List Celebrity Global Transformation Leader Karen Hoyos, Celebrity Coach – Speaker & Author

April 25, 2016 // 1 Comment

WHY TRACEY BOND? BENEFICIENCE.COM PR? "I choose to work with Tracey Media-Magnate Bond andBeneficience.com PR because of Tracey's integrity, love, professionalism and experience as a publicist of Essence. She is an influential leader herself and a perfect bridge between my mission and the world. I am looking forward to a successful and blessed journey with Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR." -Karen Hoyos, Global Transformational Leaders. Celebrity Coach, Speaker and Author at KarenHoyos.com [...]

PR Announces New Shooting Star PR Client Beauty Fashion Model Deja Pierre-Jacques

March 10, 2016 // 6 Comments

Deja's quote motto is: "Opportunity cannot always be obtained, it must be given. Then a star rises!" Why Bond's BENEFICIENCE.com PR? The reason I chose BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage Public Relations is that I felt that Tracey Bond has my best interest at heart and genuinely wants me to succeed in the modeling industry. Whether it be runway, print, etc., I truly believe with her years of expertise in this industry, proper guidance and exposure provided; I will surely be noticed and God willing receive the opportunity to showcase my talents. [...]