Tracey Bond ^007^: The BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage (PR) Publicist

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Breaking News Tonight: Beneficience PR Publicist Tracey Bond, to Receive Hollywood Friendship Award at Eugene Sidney’s Annual Pre New Years Eve Soiree

Tracey Bond shares in response: "Eugene...I am humbled at your #FriendshipAward honor. I have surely made more acquaintances in social business industry than I do friends. I am proud to know you sir, I am more privileged to represent you and your business. You already know when you need that super agent that can get it done with excellence, call your #BondGirl and like you say friend: "You can have that ready in about 5 minutes, right? smile emoticon Thank you kindly! God richest blessings in all you do!"~ Tracey (Ohh-Seven) Bond [...]