“We Make PR NEWS Headlines Nonstop!” Become a BENEFICIENCE.com NEW MEDIA PR STAR Client Today!


Click the PICTURE here below for a list of all of our SUMMER – FALL 2017 Season Superstar #PRNEWSORTHY Client Services…including appearances and interviews the all-new MEDIA TRAFFIC TV SHOW on WBTVN.tv accessing up to 20 million + viewers. 

 “Kill the no budget excuses already that will keep you disconnected another business quarter, year in drear from your target public audience, business network and press exposure that elevate you to a new perceptive level.” – Tracey Bond, Amazon.com Bestselling Entrepreneurship Author, Hollywood Award-Winning New Media Publicist, US Press Agency Journalist, Coach + Speaker +Certified Social Media Pro

Beneficience.com ‘s solopreneur TraceyBondGirl007 is a dual-decade Hollywood Award Wining Media Exec, Publicist and Professional Member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) & AW Pulitzer Publishing News Industry PhJournalist who understands the demand and the professional trade culture for executing well-managed digital brand journalism for the Year 2017-Ready VIPreneuer! You and your VIP business reputation and brand know its time to your Show your audience and the world how much you care about your social personage, business, brand, organiation’s reputation and their perception of it. It IS a lot of work…trust Beneficience Public Relations to get it done together with you, after all its all about the “Who’s YOU that’s YOU” and your social business media intelligent world is waiting to know all about you…lets glow!” We’re NOW Your PR News!

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