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BENEFICIENCE.com PR Announces A-List Celebrity Global Transformation Leader Karen Hoyos, Celebrity Coach – Speaker & Author

April 25, 2016 // 1 Comment

WHY TRACEY BOND? BENEFICIENCE.COM PR? "I choose to work with Tracey Media-Magnate Bond andBeneficience.com PR because of Tracey's integrity, love, professionalism and experience as a publicist of Essence. She is an influential leader herself and a perfect bridge between my mission and the world. I am looking forward to a successful and blessed journey with Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR." -Karen Hoyos, Global Transformational Leaders. Celebrity Coach, Speaker and Author at KarenHoyos.com [...]

YOU TUBE VIDEO – Beneficience.com PR of Beverly Hills…Presents Vignettes of Engaging Speakers Bootcamp #6

April 4, 2016 // 0 Comments

This video vignette filmed April 2nd, 2016 "#EngagingSpeakers Bootcamp #6 "Secrets & Strategies From Expert Speakers" is press photo captured & produced by Tracey Bond, PhJrn, AW Publicist, Author & Speaker at Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago, New York, Canada & London UK Don't miss the next E.S. Bootcamp #7 in September 2016 this year. Visit EngagingSpeakers.com today. Follow on Twitter: @EngagingSpeak [...]